The Shipping News: Shipping canoes is cheaper than ever before!

We have some good news to share about shipping! This summer, we’ve been working to get shipping costs cheaper, and we’re excited to announce that shipping to a nearby terminal has never been cheaper! For example, this is how much it costs to ship an Option to various terminal locations around the US as of August 2016:

Pittsburgh – $125                                                                                                                           Asheville – $125                                                                               Tennessee (Knoxville/Chattanooga) – $145                                                                                 Colorado (Denver/Buena Vista) – $185                                                   PNW (Portland/Seattle/Bellingham) – $200

transit-time-mapTransit times have gone down too!

Home delivery is available for an additional surcharge. As always, you can pick up your boat for free at Blackfly World Headquarters in New Hampshire. Event delivery is also occasionally available, depending on where the Blackfly Team is paddling.

Shipping prices can change, and larger boats will be a little bit more expensive, but we’ll continue to work hard to make shipping as cheap as possible, so that anyone can have fun in a Blackfly, anywhere.


The sticker we put on every boat that goes out the door


From the Shop: Big Octane update

Octane plug

The plug for the restyled Octane 91/92

It’s been a long, cold winter here in New Hampshire, but it’s given me a chance to get a lot of work done.  This week, big Octane plug finally headed out to the mold maker.  As it always seems to be the case, it’s taking longer and costing more than I’d like but that’s just the way it goes.  I know there are going to be a few questions that come up about this boat, so I’ll try to answer them here before they’re asked. Continue reading

Green River Vermont

Green River Vermont, Upcoming Dam Re-licensing, January 2015

While the famous Green Race was taking place in North Carolina, I decided I needed to check out the Green River. Only this Green river is in Vermont! I’ve had my eye on this run for a while and jumped on the opportunity to get on this run, which seldom releases, and with no particular schedule. After loading up in an 86′ Subaru Outback with my friend Mike Flynn we made the 5-hour drive north from my house. The drive was worth it!

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From the Shop- Fitting the outfitting.

If you’re coming from a boat with thighstraps, getting the bulkhead outfitting dialed in can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be.  The Blackfly saddle is designed to be a (too) tight fit for most people because its easier to carve it out than to add to it, so some cutting and carving of foam is required.  This week, I’m sharing some of my tips, tricks, and strategy.

The starting point.

The starting point.

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From the Shop: Can I get a Magenta boat? What about Emerald and Ivory swirl?

bucket of plastic

bucket of plastic

This is the first in a semi-regular series of posts titled “From the Shop,”  focusing on the production side of things here at Blackfly Canoes.  Today’s topic:  Color.  I get asked about colors of boats just about every day.  I know it’s important to people, and I wish Blackfly could offer every color of the rainbow.  But the reality is it’s just not possible, and to get into why, we need to look behind the scenes a bit.

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Good Gauley!

Octane 85 Gauley River

Setting up for Pillow Rapid, Upper Gauley. Photo: Shawn Alexander.

After two years of hearing all the talk about it, I finally got to go to my first Gauley Fest. What better time to hit the Upper Gauley for the first time, right? And what better boat to do it with than the octane 85? A crew of 12 open boaters hit the upper on Saturday of the festival almost bright and not early enough for Mark Z.. I’ll be honest; I was a little nervous peeling out of the put-in eddy. The Gauley has the big-water and beatdown stories that can put the fear of God in you. Continue reading