Octane 85



There’s something magical about feeling water slipping under the hull of a canoe, dropping the edge, and carving across the current with confidence.  The well defined, user friendly chines make the Octane 85 the boat of choice for small and medium paddlers looking for a nimble river running boat with harder edges than the Option.  Combine the edges with the Octane 85’s rocker profile, optimized for speed in a short length, and the result is a boat that loves to be driven, and you’ll love driving.




Shipping Information

  • Octane 85
  • Octane 85
  • Octane 85
  • Octane 85


Length 8’4″ 254cm
Width 27.75″ 71cm
Depth 15.75″ 40cm
Weight 54lbs 24.5kg
Paddler Weight 110-190lbs 50-86kg
Material Whitewater Grade HDPE