We took everything we’ve learned from making the Option, Octanes, and Ion and set it off to the side, questioned everything, and designed the Condor from the ground up with the goal of a boat that is ‘easy to paddle fast.’  We’ve always believed the fastest boat is the one you can paddle the fastest; not just in a straight line, but hit your lines, run dry lines, and not feel like the boat is fighting you.  Because whether it’s minute 5 of a creek race, day 14 of a Grand Canyon self-support, gate 20 of a slalom race, or just a long downriver day with your friends, you want a boat that is not just fast, but also predictable.  

The Condor comes with a bulkhead saddle, sidewall foam, knee pads, thwarts, and airbag lacing already installed.  Airbags are not included, we recommend Fall Line airbags for the best fit and quality.




Shipping Information

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Length 11’2″ 340cm
Width 29″ 73.7cm
Depth 16.75″ 42.5cm
Weight 64lbs 29kg
Paddler Weight 130-350lbs 59-160kg (solo)
Material Whitewater Grade HDPE