Octane 92



We all learned at an early age that we’re supposed to share, and the Octane 92 lets you share your adventures like no other boat.  The blunt ends pack a lot of volume into a short space to keep the boat afloat without being cumbersome, allowing experienced teams to take it places no other tandem canoe can go.  The wide, stable hull forgives many of the times when your partner makes mistakes, so the Octane 92 also excels as a way for experienced paddlers to expose new paddlers to whitewater, whether it’s a friend, child, or significant other*.  

The Octane 92 comes with a double bulkhead saddle, sidewall foam, knee pads, thwarts, and airbag lacing already installed.  Airbags are not included, we recommend Fall Line airbags for the best fit and quality.

Shipping Information

  • Octane 92
  • Octane 92
  • Octane 92
  • Octane 92


Length 8’10.5″ 270cm
Width 31″ 79cm
Depth 15.75″ 40cm
Weight 66.6lbs 30.2kg
Combined Paddler Weight up to 420lbs 190kg
Material Whitewater Grade HDPE


*We don’t necessarily recommend this, if you know what’s good for your relationship.  But if you’re going to do it, this is the boat for it.