Interested in testing out a Blackfly Canoe? There are a couple ways to demo the Blackfly fleet.

Blackfly World Headquarters

If you’re nearby, come to the shop in New Hampton, New Hampshire. You can try all the boats on the nearby Winni and check out the Blackfly museum (okay, it’s just a couple boats hanging from the rafters.) If we can sneak away, we’ll come paddling with you.


Every year, we load our calendar with a variety of events, paddling festivals, and demo days all over North America, and we usually bring a trailer full of boats with us. So check the list and come paddle with us! Some of the events have opportunities for canoe deliveries

2018 Summer Tour

Demo Fleets

Some of our team paddlers have demo fleets at their home base. If you’d like to try a canoe, contact the team paddler responsible for the demo boats and arrange a time to try!


Poconos (Mark Zakutansky)

Chattanooga/Ocoee (Alex Vargas)

Asheville (Judd Lefeber)

Greenville/Chattooga (Chris Loomis)

Buena Vista/Colorado (Amanda McDaniel)

Ottawa (Caleb Roberts)