The Shipping News: Shipping whitewater canoes is cheaper than ever before!

We have some good news to share about shipping! This summer, we’ve been working to get shipping costs cheaper, and we’re excited to announce that shipping to a nearby terminal has never been cheaper! For example, this is how much it costs to ship an Option to various terminal locations around the US as of August 2016:

Pittsburgh – $125                                                                                                                          

Asheville – $125                                                                              

Tennessee (Knoxville/Chattanooga) – $145                                                                                

Colorado (Denver/Buena Vista) – $185                                                  

PNW (Portland/Seattle/Bellingham) – $200

transit-time-mapTransit times have gone down too!

Home delivery is available for an additional surcharge. As always, you can pick up your whitewater canoe for free at Blackfly World Headquarters in New Hampshire. Event delivery is also occasionally available, depending on where the Blackfly Team is paddling.

Shipping prices can change, and larger canoes will be a little bit more expensive, but we’ll continue to work hard to make shipping as cheap as possible, so that anyone can have fun in a Blackfly, anywhere.


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