From the Shop: Mandatory Family Fun.

Wow, the past month or so has been really hectic; it’s been a whirlwind.  The Mosquito Burrito finally got up and running, I had two river festivals, one of which I helped organize, and I had to get everything set, all the orders shipped out, and everything packed and ready to take a little summer vacation.  It always strikes me as kind of funny when I miss out on boating because I’m getting ready to go on a boating trip, but that happens more than I like to admit.  It’s time for my yearly pilgrimage to Colorado, and I’m ready for it.  As such, I won’t be shipping any orders for the next month or so.  I’m particularly excited, and a bit nervous for this trip because it’s first time I’m doing it with my family in tow.  I’ve dubbed it “The Mandatory Family Fun Tour.”  But it should be good.  Colorado is seeing an epic water year, we’ve got boats and bikes and everything else we need loaded up in the van.  So it’s time for me to hit the road, relax a bit, recharge, and generally spread the Blackfly Canoes stoke.